About us

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Pawsitively Pure Dog Food was started in 2007 after a major pet food recall.

Our dogs are a major part of our family, their health and well-being always at the top of our minds - and we know you feel the same about yours.  That's why we set out to make human-grade dog food, using only the finest, purest ingredients, fresh from our kitchen.

We pride ourselves on creating delicious food that fuels your dog to live a happy, healthy life, using only natural ingredients to make nutritionally balanced recipes with your dog in mind.

We use only the finest ingredients in our foods using human-grade products and non GMO’s.

As we continue to grow, we’re committed to replacing conventional ingredients with certified organic alternatives wherever possible.

Thanks for trusting us with your dog food needs! We offer a line of natural and flavorful products including Dog Food, Dog Treat’s and Bone Broth.

Pictured is our boy Ryley Jones who is about to turn 14 years old and loves his food, broth and treats.


Raise the Woof!!

Carole M Brooks