Product Spotlight: Bone Broth for Dogs

Beef  Bone Broth for Dogs.jpg

Bone broth has been having a moment in the spotlight recently! Although it’s not a new product by any means, people all over the world have been rediscovering this simple nutritional powerhouse for all the benefits it brings to just about every system in your body. Rich bone broth is naturally full of the ingredients you need to maintain healthy hair and nails, skin, digestive system, and beyond. And better still - it’s really beneficial for your dogs, too!

Homemade chicken and beef bone broth, made from 100% grass-fed animals, is one of our staples here at Pawsitively Pure. Here are a few reasons why we recommend introducing bone broth into every dog’s diet:

  • It’s great for their joints. An active lifestyle is so important for every dog’s health and happiness. Just like our joints, though, over time, your pup’s joints are subject to a lot of wear and tear, leaving them less able to run and play the way they want to. Bone broth is chock-full of nutrients that lubricate and protect your dog’s joints, like glucosamine, to put that extra spring in their step.

  • It keeps tummies happy. Plenty of dogs suffer from food allergies, just as their humans do. These allergies develop when the lining of the stomach is stressed and allows foreign materials to pass through, causing irritation and upset. One of the main ingredients in bone broth is gelatin, which helps to soothe those stressed spots and keep tummies safe from irritation.

  • It’s a godsend for sick or elderly dogs. At different stages in their lives, or during times of illness, it might be difficult to keep your dog on a solid food diet. If you’re trying to keep your dog fed while they’re getting over a stomach bug, or if you’re caring for an elderly pup without much of an appetite, bone broth gives them the nutrients they need without further upsetting their tummies or requiring a big appetite.

We love bone broth and think it should be included in every dog’s daily diet. Our bone broth is homemade and includes nothing but the good stuff your dogs crave. Whether you use it as a topper for dry food or serve it alone as a special treat, bone broth for dogs is the treat that keeps on giving. Click here to browse our store, or give us a call at 407-450-6151 to learn more.