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Pure Health: Rocket's Pawsitively Pure Story
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Here's a review from Rocket's humans: 

"Picked up another couple bags of Rocket's super-cool, super-clean, super-pure food yesterday from our friends at Pawsitively Pure. As you can see, he LOVES the food! He's also quite stylish in his bandana. ;-)We've certainly noticed a difference in his coat and skin since he began eating the Turkey and Vegetables Human Grade Food. The scabs are gone, he smells much better and he's happier. That makes us happy!

Even though the fine folks that make Pawsitively Pure are right around the corner from us they can ship frozen food right to your door. Easy-Peasy! Go check 'em out and tell them RocketMan sent you. And, Yes, he really is that cute! :-) - Mommy, Daddy & Rocket <3"

We're so happy that Rocket has been experiencing better health and happier days since he made the switch to Pawsitively Pure! Ready to start your Pawsitively Pure journey? Browse our shop and get started!

Pure Joy: Hope's Pawsitively Pure Story
Pictured is Autumn, a pocket beagle who has been raised on Pawsitively Pure food.

Pictured is Autumn, a pocket beagle who has been raised on Pawsitively Pure food.

"I could not be happier with the Pawsitively Pure Dog food brand. Not only have I had great success with this food, I have had one-on-one conversations with the owner to help me provide Healthy nutrition for my dogs. Carole, the owner and Chef of Pawsitively Pure Dog Food, has helped me properly supplement my dog's according to their needs. She has always been there to help through the transition of change in my dog's diet. I have had great conversations with Carole on what is the best food for my animals. My dogs have suffered food allergies and arthritis. Now that my dogs have been on the chicken or beef bone broth, they  have had significant improvement with their skin, as well as their agility and ability to move freely without pain. Please, don't think the food will change your dog in a week. It does take time, but be patient and tweaking the diet I have seen a great difference in my dog's coat. They are now living a better life because of it. I have never seen their eyes look more clear than they have on the bone broth and food. I can't emphasize enough how confident I am with the nutrition that my dogs are receiving. I must admit it simply makes me feel good that I am giving all that I can to my pets. I personally recommend this food. It is organic, human grade deliciousness for your dog. It is easy to handle and serve straight  out of the bag. There is no hassle to this food as I have experienced with raw food. Trust me even the most finicky of eaters will love it."

-Hope Williams, Orlando, FL

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