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Avoid These 3 Types of Treats for Your Dog’s Health

As a responsible pet parent, you already know that there are some foods that aren’t safe for dogs to eat. While animal nutrition is an oft-debated topic, veterinarians have determined that a number of human foods, like grapes and chocolate, should never be fed to dogs. Unfortunately, there are some foods made for dogs that aren’t safe or healthy for your pets, either. 

If you pay attention to the news, you’ll notice that a number of dog food brands have been recalled due to health and safety concerns over the years. A dog food recall was what prompted us to build the Pawsitively Pure line of human grade dog foods so that we can make sure our dogs are only getting the best of the best. 

It can be difficult to navigate the pet food aisle and determine the healthiest treat for your dog. The next time you go shopping, avoid these 5 types of treats: 

  1. Rawhide. It may be surprising that this comes in on the dangerous list, since you can find it all over the shelves at a number of pet supply stores and grocery stores. However, rawhide presents a major choking habit for dogs. Also, the white rawhides are often treated with nasty chemicals to give them their bleached appearance.

  2. Treats with sugars high on the list. Believe it or not, some dog treats are just as loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup as human treats are. Soft and chewy treats tend to have more sugar than others. Refined sugar has no place in your dog’s diet. It can lead to obesity and serious heart issues.

  3. Treats with wheat as the main ingredient. While a dog’s diet does have some place for grains, you should use treat-giving as an opportunity to bolster your dog’s nutritional intake. It’s more effective to offer treats that are based in protein and whole foods, rather than wheat filler.

As we mentioned above, you should use your treat time as an opportunity to provide your dog with more of the whole nutrition they need to thrive. Pawsitively Pure’s healthy dog treats include wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, blueberries, and oats to give your dogs the flavors they love without any of the bad ingredients they need to avoid. Browse our store to try some of our treats for yourself!