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How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Family

Is there anything more exciting than bringing a new dog home? There’s so much to learn and love as you and your new dog become more familiar. As dog owners already know, every dog has its own unique personality, and getting to know a dog is just like getting to know your new best friend! Whether you’re adopting a puppy or an older dog from the shelter, it’ll take some time to get familiar and comfortable around each other, especially if you already have dogs in your family.

Sometimes introductions between dogs are super easy, and other times they’re more fractious. Whichever way you think the introduction may go, it’s important to be prepared so you can make the process as smoothly as possible. Here are a few of our tips to help you make your new dog feel at home: 

  • Make sure you have a partner with you during the first few introductions. Introducing dogs is not a one-man job. Make sure you have a friend with you and that each of you is assigned to one dog. Before you get started, make sure your helper knows your house rules for your dog, and that they should keep a calm demeanor. Your dog responds to your emotions, so it’s important that you set the tone and stay cool.

  • If possible, do the introductions in a neutral space. Dogs are territorial animals. Bringing a new dog into your home before they’re acquainted can spark some aggressive behavior and lead to your dogs not getting along. Don’t go somewhere with a lot of other dogs and stimulation, like a dog park, or there are too many opportunities for distraction.

  • Introduce in short spurts, rather than one large session. It’s important to have other things on hand to keep your dog busy during the introduction. You should begin by letting them touch noses and sniff for a brief few moments, then separate them to do some training work. Continue to pepper in small interactions until the big feelings of excitement have worn off.

With the right preparation, your new dog will be part of your family in no time. It’s all about the way you set the stage for your dogs. To learn more about guiding your dogs through positive interaction, talk with your vet. To get treats for your dog to help things go smoothly, visit our shop today!

Want to Help Dogs in Need in Orlando?

According to the Mosby Foundation, only one of every 10 dogs born will find a forever home. What’s more, there’s a 94% chance that a dog that enters a shelter won’t leave that shelter. Around the world and here at home, there are so many dogs that need our help. But it’s not feasible to open our doors to every homeless dog in need we find. How can we help?

Orlando is home to a number of great organizations, like the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, that work to provide compassionate, knowledgeable services for pets and help pets in need get adopted. If you’re not in the market to adopt a pet, that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Here are some of the best ways to help furry friends that need it most in your area:

  • Volunteer. Many organizations around Central Florida and elsewhere rely heavily on the help of volunteers. Typical volunteer duties may include exercising and walking dogs, enrichment programs, cleaning kennels, and so on. The Pet Alliance also has available opportunities to volunteer in administrative capacities if that’s more your speed. Either way, you’ll be helping a great organization continue to do the work it needs to do.

  • Donate. If you can’t donate your time via a volunteer opportunity, you can donate your money to help a shelter or organization get the supplies it needs. Most organizations have wish lists of things like blankets, food, and toys that they need to keep their animals happy and healthy. You can always organize a fundraiser - people are usually willing to donate to help animals in need!

  • Educate. Social media is an extremely helpful tool for animal shelters like the Pet Alliance. By sharing posts of adoptable animals or upcoming events, you’re helping spread the word to more people than you may realize! Any time you get the chance, educate your friends and your community about how they can help, and always try to lead by example when it comes to how you treat your animals.

There are so many dogs in Orlando that need your help. Donating your time and money is a great way to help, and it’ll help you know that you’ve done something good for your community. Browse through our shop or send us an email for more information.

3 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Dog

As we’re sure you’re aware, the holiday season is right at our doorstep. As the air cools down just a little bit, shopping centers are beginning to put up their red and green decorations, and families are sending out invitations to their parties and preparing for the arrival of relatives. If you’re wondering about the best gift to give your family this holiday season, we’d love to suggest getting a dog.

Here at Pawsitively Pure, we advocate responsible pet ownership, and a pet you bring home for Christmas is a pet for life. But if you have the right intentions, a dog can be a perfect Christmas gift and benefit your family for years to come. Here are three reasons why your family will be all the better with the love and companionship of a pup:

  1. Dogs can help your children learn responsibility. Maybe your parents got you a pet when you were growing up to help you understand responsibility, too. While dogs are a lot of fun, they also require a lot of care and attention to help them thrive. You can put your children in charge of daily dog duties, like taking them for a walk and making sure they get the right amount of human grade dog food for dinner.

  2. Dogs can help everyone learn a little patience. Sometimes the training phase can be frustrating when bringing a new dog into the house. By working with your new furry friend through these issues, you’ll learn to be more patient and to work through issues instead of giving up. This isn’t just beneficial for the little ones - we can all do with a little more patience as we help our dogs grow happy and healthy.

  3. Dogs are the best stress relievers. Coming home after a long day at the office? Are your children stressed about upcoming exams? Just take a little break to play with your pup! Studies have shown that even something as simple as petting a dog can take a load of stress off your plate. High stress can lead to physical illness, so having a dog around the house can keep everyone happy and healthy.

The team at Pawsitively Pure advocates adoption when you’re looking for a new family friend. Now that Florida has passed Amendment 13, outlawing greyhound racing, there are soon to be a number of dogs looking for their forever homes. Check with your local shelter or rescue program to find out more. To order your Pawsitively Pure food, bone broth, and treats, click here, or find us on Facebook!